Big Business Marketing System – Discover the Secrets For Your Small Business

It is a fact that all large companies use a marketing system to successfully market their products and services. They follow the marketing system because they know it works and as a small business, marketing your product or service you can also discover the secrets and be even more successful. The secrets of the marketing system will save you time and money and will allow you to focus on retaining your key customers, rather than always looking for new customers which you know costs your business a lot more.

As a small business you will have a system you follow to produce your product or service for your customers and by following each step of the system it makes your business run smoothly. The secrets of big business marketing do not mean you have to have a large marketing budget; in fact you can use the marketing system with any size marketing budget.

The 4 steps of the big business marketing system are:

Step 1- Review Your Market and Business
This simply means you need to know what is happening in your market, whether it is growing or declining, are there seasonality factors etc. Understanding your key point of difference to your competitors is crucial so you can take advantage of their weaknesses and defend against their strengths. Knowing what your customers think, feel and how they behave towards your product or service mean it will be easier to retain them as long term customers. Finally having a good understanding of your business’s results in sales and previous marketing activities will mean that you can focus on areas that have worked for you. Big businesses do this review and analysis throughout the year so they can be more proactive with the marketing of their products and services.

Step 2 – Develop a Marketing Plan Each Year
Without a simple and practical marketing plan, as the saying goes it is like sailing a boat without a rudder. In other words if you do not know what you want to achieve for your small business each year how will you know if you have been successful. What is more, you could be wasting your money and time on marketing tactics that just do not achieve anything and in a worst case lose you customers. By completing step 1 you will have a lot of information that makes it very easy to develop a marketing plan.

Step 3 – Implement Your Marketing Plan
This means implementing the marketing tactics you have selected in your marketing plan, which allows you to be more proactive throughout the year as they are pre-planned.

Step 4 – Track Your Results
This is an important step because you must know what is working for your business and want is not working. By tracking your sales results and your marketing activities on a regular basis means that you can be proactive with your marketing throughout the year. Also the key learnings you gain will assist you with future business decisions and of course will make developing a marketing plan for the next year so much easier.

Take Time to Draft Your Small Business Marketing Plan

Make time to draft your marketing plan. We live in a busy world and finding enough time for everything, if you are running your own business, becomes a real challenge. If it is a small or home based business, where you don’t have much back up in the way of competent staff, then running and marketing your business becomes a blur of confusion.

When the days become busy is when you really need a well researched plan to follow. This relieves any unnecessary ‘spur of the moment’ trial and errors that you will regret later.

There is a return on your investment for making time to draft a marketing plan. Here are five reasons that will get you started.

1. Compels you to think about your business.

The biggest advantage is that it forces you to sit down and think about your business. What is your current situation in regards to customers, marketing activities, and ROI? Who is your competition and is there anything going on in the environment that can change how you do business? What are your goals for the next week, month, and year? Without a plan you will not know how to get from now to then. Begin to understand what resources your small business will need to meet those goals etc.

2. Creates Organization.

The second advantage is that a small business marketing plan organizes all your marketing activities you plan on using. This will eliminate those costly and ineffective last minute decisions. You know what you are going to do to market your business over a set time frame.

3. Decide how and where to spend your marketing dollars.

By developing a marketing plan you will have to decide on how and where you are going to undertake marketing activities. Think about money, time, and any other resources you will need to carry out your marketing objectives before you take action. This ensures that you do not over spend your budget.

4. Plan when and where to begin your marketing tactics.

A marketing plan will outline details about when you initiate your marketing objectives and tactics. Most businesses have cycles when there are busy cycles and slow down periods. While drafting your plan you will decide if you want to increase your marketing activities to generate sales in quiet periods? You will also have thought about if you would be able to handle the increased demand if you marketed aggressively during busy periods?

5. You’ll know what you want to achieve.

The marketing research you did for your small business marketing plan will ensure that you know the return on investment you expect your marketing activities to achieve. To analyze the actual campaigns you will put mechanisms in place to measure the results against expectations.

The return on investment you will receive by drafting a marketing plan is peace of mind about, and organization of, marketing activities. You will have information that helps you make better decisions, you will know your competition, business environment, your customers and potential customers, and you will increase your bottom line. Take the time to draft your small business plan to save you time to run your business and ensure that your business prospers.